Litmus has launched its 2020 Orange Bacchus and 2018 Red Pinot. The latter is the first Pinot Noir released by the English Wine producer since the famed 2014 edition.

2018 was widely seen as the best growing season for wine ever experienced in England due to its hot and dry weather conditions in the Summer and Autumn months.

Litmus winemaker, John Worontschak said: “We make Red Pinot Noir only when the fruit is of the highest quality and fully ripened. In this country, that means that it must have been during exceptional autumns, such as 2011, 2014 and 2018.

“The wine displays a significant complexity of flavours and the hallmark silkiness found in good Pinot Noir and will continue to gain elegance and complexity with age. A benchmark Pinot Noir that displays how good English red wines can be.”

Meanwhile, Worontschak also has high hopes for the producer’s 2020 Orange Bacchus.

He said: “The 2020 Orange Bacchus falls nicely into that sweet spot between funkiness and drinkability, which is exactly what I was aiming for.”

Orange wines are white wines that have been fermented and aged on their skins before pressing. The Orange wine spent 18 weeks on skins after fermentation without sulphur dioxide before pressing and bottling in March 2021.

The 2020 Orange Bacchus is widely available at Cult and Boutique, many Waitrose stores and via the Litmus website.

The Litmus range includes Element 20, White Pinot, Red Pinot and Orange.