The name of a London brewery that closed in 1949 is being revived for a new UK beer launch.

The new Lion Brewery is based in Singapore, where it was founded by Brits Harry Renshaw and Ben Hendry-Prior in 2018.

It has now also established a London base and is brewing its 4.5% abv Pale Ale and 4.7% abv Island Lager in the UK.

The pair began brewing in their kitchens.

Renshaw said: “After many trials and tests on our ever-patient friends and family, our final product received such an enthusiastic response that we decided to release it for the rest of the market to enjoy, and we’ve never looked back.”  

Lion has released 12 beers in Singapore and opened a brewpub.

“Our ancestors in London would have been drinking Lion Brewery Co’s IPA throughout the Victorian era,” said Renshaw. “It was the brewery’s history – along with the unusual connection between our British birthplace and temporary home in Singapore, the Lion City and a key trading post – that compelled us to resurrect the brand.” 

The original Lion brewery was founded in 1836 and closed following a fire soon after the Second World War.

Two lion statues from the original brewery are still on view in London today, one on the south bank of the Thames opposite the House of Parliament, and one at Twickenham rugby ground.