Lidl is focusing on Spanish and Portuguese wine for its next Wine Cellar promotion, which goes into stores on 4 August.

The Summer Wine Cellar Collection, which will be its largest range of Iberian wines it has ever had in one Wine Cellar, will also include some new parcels of French and Italian wines.

Lidl’s UK wine buying manager Anna Krettmann told OLN that Spanish wines have been selling well for the company and she noted its customers are “big Rioja fans”.

The latest collection of 40 wines includes newcomers such as Rioja Blanco Joven – Conde de Altrava 2015, priced at £4.99. A rosé from Rioja (Rioja Rosada, Cepa Lebrel 2015, rsp £4.99) is also part of the August line up while reds from Rioja are Rioja Crianza, Cepa Lebrel 2013 (£5.49), and Rioja Reserva, Soligamar 2011, rsp £8.99.

Earlier this year Lidl revealed plans to ramp up its Wine Cellar promotion by moving it from quarterly to six times a year, on a seasonal basis. The concept was launched in 2012, when it carried eight new wines.

Krettmann said the Wine Cellar concept has been “incredibly popular”.

“It made sense to increase this to six times a year because demand has been incredibly good. We are currently in the transitional phase to move to six times a year, so it means that this year we are moving to five.”

Lidl has around 70 wines in its core range. The Wine Cellar collections typically add 40 new wines for the duration of the promotion, with some of the popular wines then making it into the core range.

Three Masters of Wine are involved in the selection process.

Richard Bampfield MW, told OLN: “The Wine Cellar wines help to get people excited about wines and it does help to inform the core range. Lidl’s wine range is shape by how well each Wine Cellar promotion goes.”