Rosie Ferner has been promoted to managing director and co-owner of Favourite Beers in Cheltenham.

The news follows the decision by Leigh Norwood, her father, to step down from the business.

In a statement, Leigh Norwood said he has officially stepped down from the business but is pleased that Favourite Beers will still be here in 2021, under the stewardship of his daughter Rosie.

He said: “Many of you will know that the last 22 months have been emotionally challenging for me since the tragic death of my wife Nicky in February 2019. Rosie and I have only managed to keep things going during that period thanks to the amazing support of friends, family and you, our brilliant customers.

“Indeed, keeping a focus on the shop certainly helped me personally to navigate my way through those first grief-stricken months, but as many of you who know me will probably have realised, the deep passion that I have always had for the shop has been severely diminished. Indeed, I have found that I have started to view many of the things that I used to enjoy so much, as more of a chore, which is always a bad sign.

I was determined, even with the advent of Covid-19, to keep the shop going at least until our tenth anniversary back in October when we were thankfully able to re-open the bar for a bit of a celebration and of course we released our very special ‘Nicky’ beer collaboration with Mills Brewing.

“Following that milestone however, I made up my mind that it was time for me to call time and step away from the shop.

“The good news though, is that despite everything that this awful year has thrown at us, “Favourite Beers” Will still be here in 2021.

“I must admit that after this terrible year, I was quite prepared to just walk away, but thankfully Rosie was having none of that and has agreed to take over the management of the shop going forward. So, as from this month Rosie will be the new managing director and co-owner of Favourite Beers.

“You shouldn’t see many changes when we do re-open in 2021, indeed for the last few months Rosie has been taking over more and more of the responsibility for running the shop anyway, organising the stock orders leading up to Christmas as well as performing the majority of the customer facing roles at the shop.

“It is unlikely that I will be disappearing totally from the picture though, I have offered to fill-in for holiday commitments and any busy times/ events at the shop and who knows I may even be tempted to come back and do the occasional tasting events sometime in the future. I think Rosie is also keen for me to continue to write the newsletters going forward and of course I also hope to be able to come along and enjoy the ambience as a customer when ‘Beer Clubs’ are able to start again.

“I would just like to take a moment to say a massive thank you for all the amazing support everyone has given me over the years – I am sure that you will all join me in wishing eveyr success for Rosie going forward and I trust that you will continue to give her the same level of support in the future years.”