An online “curated marketplace” to showcase drinks from boutique British producers has been launched.

Eebria is listing brands from small- batch distillers, English winemakers and microbrewers, with all orders being shipped direct by the producers rather than the site.

Among the products currently featured are Mason’s and Sacred gins, beers from Kernel and Redchurch and wines from Sugrue Pierre and Hush Heath.

Cider producers Sheppy’s and Pure North are also selling their wares via the site.

Eebria chief executive David Jackson said: “I would often hear about an interesting new drink, or a new brewery I wanted to try, but more often than not I wouldn’t be able to get hold of it, except perhaps by chance as a guest drink in some of London’s better pubs. I thought there had to be a better solution for consumers and so I created Eebria.

“We have selected the very best producers in the country based on rigorous taste tests and industry research. There is nothing of poor quality on the site and we stand behind every producer 100% in growing their business.”