East Anglian brewer Adnams has entered the lager market with the launch of Kobold.

The beer takes its name from a water spirit of legend, said to protect sailors in the North Sea.

Sales will support marine conservation projects starting with the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity dedicated to tackling the effects of overfishing.

Kobold is being brewed with locally-malted barley from Suffolk and Norfolk, with UK-grown hops, and fermented using Adnams’ house ale yeast.

Head brewer Fergus Fitzgerald said: “Using local ingredients was really important to us for making a truly English lager.

“We have some of the best malted barley in the world on our doorstep so it would be crazy not to use it.

“It’s unusual to use an ale yeast in a lager, but we wanted Kobold to be a true Adnams lager and using our house yeast was fundamental to making it part of the Adnams family.”

The 4.7% vegan-friendly lager is available in 44cl cans with an rrp of £1.59 and 50ml bottles at £1.89.