Prosecco producer La Gioiosa is aiming to have its Prosecco Rosé on sale in the UK through distributor North South Wines by the end of November.

The producer began selling its pink Prosecco in Italy in September. Exports will start next month, with some sales in the UK off-trade and broader distribution expected from 2021.

Approval was given to Prosecco producers to make rosé in May,

Wines must be made with a minimum of 85% Glera grapes, with between 10% and 15% Pinot Nero allowed to add the pink colour.

La Gioiosa owner Giancarlo Moretti Polegato was the first winemaker to propose allowing Prosecco Rosé in 2009, when the Prosecco DOC was created.

La Gioiosa has made wines using Pinot Nero for four decades and is one of the appellation’s biggest growers of the grape.

Moretti Polegato, who is a board member of the Prosecco DOC consortium, said: “Prosecco rosé will most definitely represent an opportunity, especially in this particular moment, to win over new clients and obtain new listings with distributors all over the world.

“Our clients have been waiting for this new product for a while now.

“The interest in sparkling rosé continues to grow across the world; the interest in Prosecco has continued to grow as well.

“I believe that this will translate into minimum growth of around 10-15% with respect to what we sell now, so it’s a big slice of the market.”

Kim Wilson, managing director of North South Wines, said: “Sparkling wine fans have been getting excited about rosé Prosecco for months, so it’s great that La Gioiosa’s bubbles are ready to hit the shelves.

“Bringing together rosé – one of the strongest trends in the wine world – with the popularity of Prosecco will drive even more consumers to explore this category.

“La Gioiosa’s wines have always been strong sellers for us, and I expect the new rosé will be equally as popular. 

“With Christmas beckoning, the launch is well timed to bring some sparkle into the winter months that lie ahead.”