Kleine Zalze is getting a refreshed look in a move designed to reflect the premiumisation of South African wine.

The South African producer said it “wants to raise the bar for South Africa” and its bottles now reflect new labeling to offer greater shelf standout.

Kobus Basson, vineyard owner, said: “The label refresh for the Cellar Selection will give the wines a more elegant and classic look.

”We are very happy that over the last three to five years there has been a move towards meeting higher price points with South African wine. 

“It is good for us to raise the bar for South Africa so that we can compete better internationally; we are confident our Cabernet Sauvignon wines can go up against the same grape variety from other nations.

“We want to raise this bar for South Africa and we are willing to invest but a lot of others in the country are not doing that.

“We have focused on our core strengths such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc, but we are also looking at new varietals.

“We always say South Africa has one leg in the new world and one leg in the old world. We are in exciting times and we are fortunate to be part of Kleine Zalze, as it is willing to invest.

In addition, Kleine Zalze’s Vineyard Selection Malbec is also newly available to independent, priced around £14 a bottle.