The first Just Plonk off-licence is set to open in Cheshire’s Alderley Edge next month, with plans for 15 more stores in 2022.

Owner Nigel Ramsay told Drinks Retailing that Alderley Edge is the “Champagne capital of the north”. The shop will champion the Angel Champagne brand as well as celebrity-backed products such as Snoop Dogg’s gin brand, Jay-Z’s Cognac and Kendall Jenner’s Tequila.

Ramsay said the shop will carry pink and blue bottles of Angel Champagne, aimed at gender reveal parties.

“We’re also looking to team up with local businesses – ‘date night’, in collaboration with the local butcher, will feature steak and malbec,” he said. “We’ll also work with the local florist.”

As well as celebrity-backed drinks brands, Ramsay said the store will offer a high-end ice programme and Just Plonk own-label RTDs.

He said future plans include a basement speakeasy-style tasting room.

The Alderley Edge shop is scheduled to open on October 1 and Ramsay added that there is a second site, in Altrincham, set to open in mid-November.  

“Altrincham will be a bit different. It’s still a wealthy area but a slightly younger crowd. We’ll have a more rustic look and we’ll do more beer.

“We’re looking at other locations and we plan to open 15 more sites in 2022,” he added.

The Just Plonk project is self-funded, though Ramsay didn’t rule out future partnerships.

“It doesn’t cost a lot to set up,” he said. “To grow, we might look at partnerships. We’ve had people approach us from Essex.”

Ramsay said the aim of Just Plonk is to complement other nearby businesses. “We want to be something different,” he finished.