Jubel, a UK-brewed, premium craft beer inspired by an Alpine beer tradition, is gearing up for listings with premium retailers and London bars.

The beer – which comes in two flavours – has been inspired by the tradition of Demi Peche in the Alps. Founders Jesse Wilson and Tom Jordan said they wanted to create a beer style “that no other brands could offer”.

Jubel sits between the beer and cider categories and it is designed to offer the refreshment of a fruit cider but with the sessionability of a lager. It is gluten-free, vegan and just 125 calorie per 4% abv bottle.

Jubel Alpine is a peach-infused beer with a light gold complexion. It has a peach aroma and background grain and yeast notes.

Jubel Urban (Elderflower) has an initial taste of elderflower balanced with a cleanly hopped lager of low bitterness.

Wilson said: “After stumbling on Demi Peche on a ski trip we couldn’t find anything like it back home. It was the beer style we wanted to drink that no one brewed so Tom and I got to work creating Jubel.

“We spent out evenings and weekends learning how to brew and brewed 5,000 bottles agreeing if we sold them at an iconic music festival we’d quit our jobs and do it full-time. It’s been a whirlwind ever since with Jubel taking the South West by storm and we are really excited to launch in London this summer.”