Mast-Jaegermeister UK is launching a campaign for 2020 with a three-month Deliveroo partnership.

The collaboration marks “an exciting new chapter” in Jaegermeister’s journey with its consumers at home, according to the company. 

As part of the “Pre With Us” campaign, Mast-Jaegermeister UK is supplying its off-trade customers across grocery and convenience, including Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda and the Co-op, with 200,000 special edition bottles of Jägermeister and the newly-launched JägermeisterCold Brew Coffee. These will be available in 70cl and 35cl formats and 50cl in the impulse channel.

Each bottle will have a special neck collar with a code redeemable on the Deliveroo app for a £5 credit when spending £20 with the delivery service. 

Mast-Jaegermeister UK’s “Pre with us” campaign is focusing on the pre-drinks occasion. This is a key occasion for the brand where shots are perceived as relevant to at-home consumption, the company said. 

The three key areas for “Pres” are Pre-Drinks, Pre-Munchies and Pre-Tunes. The partnership with Deliver is designed to help deliver a “great start to the night” with ice cold shots and the most extensive food delivery menu available. 

Mast-Jaegermeister UK marketing director, Nicole Goodwin, said: “It has become clear that pre-drinks is a key occasion for our target consumer, and some argue, the best part of going out. Jägermeister fits in with this occasion perfectly, helping our consumers start the best nights with an ice cold shot.

“This partnership is the first of its kind. Deliveroo is an obvious partner to ignite our ‘Pre With Us’ campaign because it is about having a good time with friends, sharing a bite to each and some pre-drinks before a big night out. Jägermeister and Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee therefore become not only a vital part of a consumer’s big night out, but also in the lead up to going out.”

The initiative is being supported digitally and on the brand’s YouTube channel.