Jagermeister has launched a competition but consumers will only be able to enter when their bottle is chilled to the correct temperature. 

The special limited edition bottles, which aim to drive home the brand’s Ice Cold message, are now available excusively in Morrisons at a discounted price of £16. Fans will have the chance to win prizes of up to £20 off at the Jagershop (including free delivery) or an exclusive single bottle tap machine. 

To enter, shoppers will be asked to freeze their Jagermeister bottle, which only when at optimum temperature will reveal a unique competition coder emblazoned on the packaging of the bottle. Once visible, the advanced competiiton mechanic will guide customers to the Jagermeister e-shop where they will be in the running for the prizes. 

Giles Mountford, category manager, said: “Jagermeister wants to encourage fans to enjoy the product the way it should be consumed, ice cold. Not only is it one of the first drinks brands to create this unique packaging, but the bottle has to get down to a staggering -10 to -15 degrees to change the thermochromic inks, which is much colder than average.”

The producer recommends keeping the bottle in the freezer for drinking at home. 

The new launch supports the current Jagermeister Perfekt Serve brand messaging, encouraging the drink to be consumed in chilled glassware and the liquid to be precisely -18 degrees from a freezer of Jagermeister tap machine.