Jägermeister will hit TV screens for the first time ever next month as part of a £3 million ad campaign designed to boost its off-trade sales.

The German herbal liqueur is the third bestselling spirit in the on-trade after Smirnoff and Jack Daniels, but lies well outside the top ten in the off-trade.

Eighty per cent of its sales come from pubs and bars, but Jägermeister has ambitious plans to redress the balance.

Marketing manager Nicole Goodwin told OLN that the TV ads will “bring Jägermeister into the home” and that retailers can cash in on the back of the campaign.

The campaign includes 30, 40 and 60-second TV slots, which will break during England’s friendly against Denmark on March 5.

Cinema ads will begin before the sequel to Zack Snyder’s popular action hit 300, and further digital and billboard ads will bolster the message.

The ad features a group of friends trekking to a remote pocket of Iceland, where they surf wild waves amid a snow-drenched landscape.

Marketing manager Nicole Goodwin said: “The new ad was created in the true character of Jägermeister, using real friends and no scripts so that the finished film focuses on those unique bonding moments you only get with your mates.

“The reaction has been phenomenal. The research results are really strong. It’s taking the brand to the next level.”

Goodwin added that Jägermeister is determined to forge a long-term presence in the off-trade market.

It plans to tailor its supply focus to target multiples, independents and convenience stores in different ways.

“For example, if you run a corner shop close to a university you should have 20cl bottles of Jägermeister,” she said.

“If your shop is on the route to a festival, you should have Jägermeister in the window as our core target audience – males aged 18-35 – will be walking past.”