Pernod Ricard is targeting Millennials with a new five-strong range of entry-level wines called Jacob’s Creek Sun Craft.

The wines will have an rrp of £6 and a promoted price of £5, and they eschew grape varietals, instead focusing on the style of wine.

The range is made up of Soft Rosè, Bold Red, Crisp White, Smooth Red and Fruity White.

Denis O’Flynn, managing director at Pernod Ricard UK, said: “It is a real opportunity to attract younger drinkers to the Australian wine category in the UK.

“Some of the stuff around wine is getting too fussy and they [Millennials] want a more simple messaging. Millennials are often confused by wine, so we are simplifying the message.

“Research shows they want a range of wines from a trusted brand.

“It’s about making the start of the journey [into the wine category] simple.

“Each has a specific grape varietal. But the idea will be to tell the story as the consumer gets into it. It’s an idea of discovery.

“It is an entry-level wine, and then consumers will hopefully trade up to the classic range and then the reserve range of Jacob’s Creek.”

O’Flynn said the new wine range is due to hit shelves around March or April. It will be exclusive to the UK off-trade, but may be rolled out into the on-trade eventually.

Pernod Ricard has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy, and several other SKUs are due to hit the UK market or be rolled out to the wider UK trade in the coming months.

Ballantines Hard Fired will be launched in the UK in the next couple of months, Chivas Regal Extra will be rolled out this year, new acquisition Monkey 47 gin will be backed by Pernod Ricard’s strong distribution network, Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel – which is finished in whisky casks – will get a strong push, while Jameson Crested is also being championed and Malibu Pineapple is expected to hit shelves in May.