Lebanese winery Ixsir is launching its first communications campaign in the UK, which it said is “a key market” with “strong potential for Lebanese wines”.

The brand, which is currently imported by Enotria & Coe, has partnered with Sopexa to run a series of activities focusing on engaging key players in the UK wine trade with Ixsir’s range of high-altitude wines.

In addition to this, Ixsir will be seeking to tell the story of the brand including its Lebanese history and heritage and its award-winning sustainable winemaking credentials.

The vision of Ixsir is to reveal the best terroirs of Lebanon. The producer’s vineyards are spread in the mountains of Lebanon on clay-calcareous and limestone soil, from Batroun to Jezzine, benefiting from the unique microclimates Lebanon has to offer. Ixsir’s vineyards culminate at an altitude of 1,800 metres, making them the highest in the Northern Hemisphere.

Its winery is located on the hills of Batroun in a 17th century traditional Lebanese house which presides over a contemporary winery. Recognised several times for its green credentials, the Ixsir winery was named by CNN as one of the greenest buildings in the world.

Étienne Debbané, president of Ixsir, said “We are delighted to launch our first ever communications campaign in the UK. This was a strategic decision to focus on the UK, a key market for Ixsir, where we see strong potential for Lebanese wines because there is a dynamic and curious audience in the trade.

“We see Ixsir as the Lebanese winery which unveils the past and the future; the Old World and the New World. Ixsir is revealing the best terroirs in Lebanon, some which sometimes been forgotten in the past, but equally with our naturally sustainable production we aim to represent the evolution of wine while staying true to a country which is steeped in rich history. 

“With Sopexa’s international roots, French heritage and long-time presence in the UK market, we look forward to working with them to share IXSIR’s story with the UK wine trade.”

Frederic Dersigny, managing director for Sopexa’s UK branch, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with Ixsir.. We immediately saw a wealth of opportunity for Ixsir in the UK as a market which really values dynamism and a good story in the wine trade.

“Lebanese and Middle Eastern wines have a fascinating story to tell with Ixsir shining a light on the future of sustainable, nature-led winemaking. We look forward to working hand in hand with Ixsir to ensure we shine a light on the wines.”