Ish Spirits has joined forces with Oto CBD bitters to create a mindful cocktail for consumers to try at home.

The CBDaquirish is a collaborative cocktail created to calm and sooth, according to the producers. The drink combines the “powerful botanicals” in Oto CBD cocktail bitters and the “perfect punch” from Rum-ish.

It is described as “a simple, functional take on the classic daiquiri using only four key ingredients”.

Ish Spirits’ Rum-ish is an alcohol-free alternative to a classic dark rum. It is made with Madagascan vanilla, nutmeg, baked apples and a hint of chilli to add the “punch” enjoyed from traditional spirits.

Oto’s non-alcoholic CBD cocktail bitters harness the power of CBD to help drinkers to “relax, connect and amplify the moment” in any social experience. The bitters are made with organically-grown hemp and a mixture of complimentary botanicals such as cardamom and cacao for antioxidant properties, including calmness and reducing anxiety.

The CBDaquirish is available as a bundle from website and it is easy to make at home by shaking to “release the functional benefits of CBD with the mindful effects of alcohol-free drinking”.