Inverarity Morton is to be the exclusive distributor for a new “eco wine” commended by Sir David Attenborough.

The independent wine and spirit merchant has taken on the UK distribution for Sea Change, a range of environmentally-conscious wines – developed by 10International – that actively support ocean conservation by pledging donations from sales to charity.

In addition, no plastic is used in the finished product and bottles are deliberately lightweight to help minimise emissions. The bottles us a Nomacorc Select Green closure, which is made from renewable plant-based polymers. Label stock is a mixture of grape waste and materials from FSC-certified forests.

With every sale of the Sea Change Chardonnay and Negroamaro, 25 Euro cents will be donated to Plastic Oceans UK and Sea-Changers, which work not only to raise awareness of the impact of plastics in the sea but also to reduce that effect through beach clean-up and supporting conversation efforts.

Toby Sigouin, wine buyer for Inverarity Morton, said: “When I first caught wind of this project, I immediately signalled it as something we wanted to back. It is such a well-considered, well-judged proposition in the face of a very real environmental crisis. The statistics on plastic pollution in our seas is alarming and these wines, which are excellent quality at a very affordable price point, will help stimulate both conversation and action. We intend to do justice to this great cause.”

Sea Change Chardonnay is described as having a “well-balanced structure and a soft, delicious finish”, while the Negroamaro is “a versatile easy-drinking delight”.