The InterLoire trade body has announced a rebrand in a move to highlight the French region’s diversity.

Spanning 34 PDOs and 1 PGI, InterLoire has produced new visuals to display the different terroirs and grape varieties throughout the region. Through the rebrand, the group is looking to establish a collective identity for the Loire region, while positioning it as a leading producer of still and sparkling wines across red, white and rosé. 

The trade body has also announced that it will be updating its communication strategy, changing ‘Vins du Val de Loire’ to ‘Vins de Loire’. It has also redesigned its logo to reflect the new branding. 

The initiative is part of InterLoire’s wider objective to grow the reputation of Loire wines on an international level.

Camille Masson, president of InterLoire, said the body is looking to “unite winemakers and merchants” under one brand, adding: “The ultimate objective is to regain notoriety that will translate into market share gains across all our distribution sectors, both in France and internationally.”