Interbev Ltd has announced the launch of Interbev Brands, a new international brand management and distribution business.

The new company will distribute, licence and produce drinks from international and boutique manufacturers.

Interbev Brands already has brand partner announcements for UK distribution. These are: Moritz, which is described as ‘the genuine beer of Barcelona since 1856’. The brand is the number two brand by sales in Barcelona, according to the company.

Karlsbrau UrPils also joins the list. It is a unique Pilsener style of German beer, which is produced in the Karlsberg Brewery in Homburg, one of the largest family-owned breweries in Germany. It is one of the only beer brands in growth at present in its home market.

And finally, the company will also kick start its UK presence with a whisky. Label 5: Classic Black Scotch Whisky is said to be a modern classic positioned in the mainstream segment. Label 5 is ranked as the number 9 Scotch Whisky brand in the world in volume terms, with 2.6m cases sold per year, according to IWSR 2015.

Steve Brogan, founder and owner of Interbev Ltd, said: “Interbev Brands brings new, fresh and exciting brands and products to the UK market and internationally. Our business was established in 2008 to sell and distribute international drinks brands around the world and we have widespread experience in adapting to the changing dynamics of the market globally. Expanding our business offer to include exclusive brand management was a natural evolution.

“Our model enables us to build dynamic plans that are scalable and not one size fits all for our partners to accommodate market opportunity, channel focus and investment, and importantly ensures that we are concentrated and focused. We are fired up about our exciting portfolio of special and unique brands which we are launching, and there is more to come”.