Instil Drinks Company has added four vodkas to its collection.

The artisan vodkas each offer something different and appealing to the range, according to the company.

The first is Holy Grass Vodka, which is produced by Dunnet Bay Distillers. The producer is based in Caithness, the most northerly mainland county in Scotland. Holy Grass is described as a handcrafted creation of local produce and ingredients, infused with a vapour of Highland apples and apple juice to complement the sweetness of the bison grass botanical.

The range also includes Ogilvy Vodka, which is owned and run by Graeme Jarron, a fourth generation farmer specialising in potatoes, cereals and beef cattle. The family-run farm can be found at the base of Glen Ogilvy, in Angus, Scotland. Each generation of the family has brought new developments to the farm and Graeme Jarron, keen to diversify, created the Ogilvy Distillery using the potato crops to make the vodka. The small batch single estate vodka comprises 600 bottles per batch.

Another family-run producer is joining the line-up with NB London Dry Citrus Vodka. Steve and Vivienne Muir, the husband and wife team behind NB Gin, have created the world’s first London Dry citrus vodka. Vivienne Muir said: “Like our gin, we have not compromised on quality, using only British pure grain spirit and the best botanicals we can find.”

The final newcomer is Prairie Organic Vodka, which is produced on the Minnesota prairie. The producers leave the field unplanted for at least three years before seeding it to make sure it is completely free of pesticides, and they plant buffer crops to protect from contamination. The stills are fuelled by waste biomass and the bottles are made from recycled glass. The vodka is described as being incredibly smooth with sweet melon and oats on the nose. The palate is buttery with hints of toasted coconut.

Willem Hunter, senior brand manager & spirits buyer for Instil said: “With vodka a firm favourite and bartender staple, we wanted to source a premium range that could offer quality and interest above and beyond your average vodka brand. We’ve been seeing an increase in demand for premium flavoured vodkas among consumers so we sought out a couple of more unusual flavoured styles in response to this. We visited several distilleries, and only picked the highest quality artisan vodkas, from people with true passion and vision, in order to add something distinctive to our wider portfolio.”