Ilkley Brewery has revealed plans to introduce its bestselling beers in a new canned range.

The canned range will start with the brewer’s Rye Session IPA called Alpha Beta, and India Pale Ale called Lotus, which will be sold in boxes of 12 x 33cl.

The Yorkshire-based Ilkley Brewery said 2016 was a successful year for the company, which now sees almost £2m in annual turnover. The company employs 19 staff and is able to produce more than 50,000 pints of beer a week.

The craft beer brewery has spent the last 18 months modernising the brewery, with a move into cans being part of this investment.

Luke Raven, Ilkley Brewery Director said: “It’s been an exciting journey to get to this point. We have for a long time seen the benefits of cans, but wanted to ensure that every step of the process was done right.

“From a sales point of view there are more and more opportunities for cans, where an expensive draught install, or just the safety aspect of glass, means doors would otherwise be closed. Cans open that door: beers in the park, at a gig venue, train beers. We are focused on quality too, and knew that if we were going to put our great beer in cans, it had to be using the best equipment and techniques, and in the best looking can we could imagine. Grab one and see what the fuss is all about!”