Freixenet Copestick has announced it sold more than 23 million bottles of its I Heart wine brand in the UK last year, and it also increased its global presence, doubling its international sales.

In the UK I Heart wines surpassed £100 million retail sales value and is a top 10 UK wine brand (including sparkling wines). The brand, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is now worth £116 million (+22% YoY). Its total sales last year across all markets reached 31 million bottles.

Dr Andreas Brokemper, chief executive of parent company Henkell Freixenet said: “For I Heart Wines, the focus has been always on the consumer: good quality at a good price. Consumers in more and more countries appreciate this.

“With our global organisation we want to consistently further internationalise I Heart wines and have good ideas for the portfolio. Maybe one day we will partner with a world class winery such as Chateau Lafite, Marchese Antinori or even Schloss Johannisberg.  With I Heart Champagne, we have already entered into the premium wine market. Sometimes ‘simple’ is simply superior.” 

Robin Copestick, managing director of Freixenet Copestick, who helped create I Heart Wines, said: “It was our dream from the beginning to create a brand by consumers for consumers. And so, we came up with the idea of creating a customer-oriented wine portfolio based on consumer preferences in terms of grape variety and origin, ranging from Pinot Grigio to Champagne and Prosecco.

“To this day, I Heart Wines is always thinking about the consumer who is looking for uncomplicated enjoyment at a fair price. We carry this at the heart of the brand. We aim to offer an enjoyable experience with a young, fresh design without overwhelming the consumer.””

“For I Heart Wines to be selling over 31 million bottles around the world is an incredible achievement especially as we still have not celebrated our tenth birthday. I am confident that this exponential growth will continue both in the UK and the rest of the world. When I Heart was first launched in 2011 we immediately saw the potential it had across the world. I am really pleased that this potential is now being realised.”

In the Netherlands I Heart doubled its sales year-on-year and in the Czech Republic, where I Heart was only launched a few years ago, the brand increased sales by 62% year-on-year and has expanded its portfolio with the recent launch of I Heart Prosecco.

In the Republic of Ireland sales exceeded 2 million bottles with 165% growth compared to 2019. Austria also saw growth of over 150% in 2020.

The company said other important markets include China and the Middle East, where total sales of I Heart quadrupled year-on-year. In non-traditional wine markets such as Mexico, the brand also tripled its volume following a successful launch in 2019

I Heart Wines will continue the global momentum with the expansion in new markets including Brazil, Scandinavia, South Korea and Australia. Additionally a new roll out of I Heart in Germany across the national Shell shops will begin in 2021.