Hush Heath Estate in Kent has launched two Sparkling English Apple Wines, which it anticipates will appeal to Prosecco fans.

The white and rosé wines are made from 100% juice from the producer’s own apples, using varieties of Cox, Bramley and Egremont Russet. The rosé has a dosage of strawberry and blackcurrant to create a pale pink colour.

Hush Heath’s winemakers use the traditional Champagne method of production, fermenting the juice in stainless steel tanks and using Champagne yeast for the secondary fermentation in the bottle, to produce an 8% abv wine.

Owner Richard Balfour-Lynn, told DRN: “We use apples from our estate and we treat this exactly as if we were making an English sparkling wine. It still takes nine months to make and the result is a drink that is very clear and fresh and with very fine bubbles, like Champagne.

“So really it is for wine lovers who want to have lower alcohol. I think I see it competing directly with Prosecco and I think it needs to be positioned in stores by the sparkling wines. It will retail at £15 and everything about it says premium. It should appeal to people looking for drinks that offer something different as it has an interesting flavour profile. Those who have tried it so far have really enjoyed it.”