Popular ale brand Hobgoblin has been given a stripped back new look as part of the biggest overhaul in its 31-year history.

The Hobgoblin character that terrorised the “Lagerboys” of yesteryear still enjoys a prominent place on the label, but the new look is designed to be more contemporary.

It covers bottles and cans of the classic ruby ale, plus Hobgoblin Gold and IPA.

It will be followed in the New Year by a shake-up in the smaller-batch brews from brewer Wychwood portfolio of six beers.

This range will introduce more contemporary beer styles to support the new look, including: 5Head, a brand-new session IPA; Shy Giant, an American-hopped amber ale; and Diceman stout; alongside much loved classics like Firecatcher and Dryneck. 

“This is a bold change for Hobgoblin,” sais brand manager Jo Wyke, who has worked on Hobgoblin for six years. “We know how much it is celebrated as the leader of the pack and its legacy amongst great British beers, so we wanted to make sure we tested the new look, researched and tested again, ensuring we kept the character that everyone expects from Hobgoblin.

“The design revamp is just the beginning of the journey we want to take our new consumer on and it will be the quality, taste and range of the beers that will keep everyone coming back.”