US-based Sazerac Company has renamed its UK distribution arm as it looks to bring it into line with the parent business.

Hi-Spirits UK, which was acquired by Sazerac in 2016, is now called Sazerac UK.

“The renaming of Sazerac’s various global offices marks an important step in our globalisation efforts by allowing us to connect Sazerac’s heritage and history from our sites and homeplaces around the world into a single identity,” said Jake Wenz, president and CEO of Sazerac. “We’re energised by the opportunities that lay ahead as we continue to expand and grow our portfolio around the world. We are proud to have such an outstanding team in the UK helping to lead the way.”

Irish subsidiary Hi-Spirits Ireland will also undergo a name change and become Sazerac Ireland, the company said.

Sazerac UK brands include Buffalo Trace bourbon, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, Southern Comfort and Paddy Irish Whiskey.

Earlier this year,  Sazerac announced that Buffalo Trace is to open a brand home and shop in Covent Garden, called Buffalo Trace Distillery London.