West Sussex brewer Hepworth has launched a bottled organic pale ale made with American hop varieties.

The 5% abv beer, called The Right Stuff, is made from locally-sourced barley and Chinook and Cascade hops.

Managing director Andy Hepworth said: “Over the last 20 years, reliably sourcing quality organic hops has become much easier and we are lucky enough to have high quality barley on our doorstep in Sussex.

“Hepworth has long wanted to make an American Pale Ale that truly shows the best example of this style and now, thanks to the improved quality of ingredients available to us, we can for the very first time.

“The name came from the novelist Tom Wolfe, who coined the phrase when writing of the qualities to make the grade as supersonic test pilots and astronauts.

“They had to have necessary range of skills but also that extra non-specific quality, the right stuff, the quality that made the difference.”

The move follows the January launch of Spartan, Hepworth’s first low-alcohol beer.