Hensol Castle Distillery in South Wales has introduced a new drink to tap into the growing number of health-conscious consumers. 

Trulo, which is one of the newly-established distillery’s first products, is a low calorie and low sugar – and lower alcohol – liqueur. The drink comes in four flavours: Coconut Rum, Espresso, Passion Fruit and Peach Melba Schnapps. It can be drunk neat, on the rocks or mixed with soft drinks or spirits to make a cocktail. 

Each liqueur (rsp: £9.99) has between 31 to 36 calories per 25ml serving, and 14.9% abv per 50cl. 

The drink is the brainchild of managing director and founding partner, Andy Mallows, who was inspired to create the product by his daughter. 

He said: “It all came about after I listened to my daughter complain of her guilt from consuming too many calorie-laden cocktails during a night out. It prompted me to create something that would appeal to her and her health-conscious friends.

“Trulo has been three years in the making and I never anticipated that we would be launching it during a time of national crisis. But with many increasing their alcohol consumption as they are confined to their home bar, it’s more important than ever that there is a quality low sugar, low calorie and lower alcohol alternative available with which to enjoy those virtual catch ups with friends and families.”

Stephen Leeke, managing director of the Vale Resort and joint founding partner of Hensol Castle Distillery, said: “Trulo stands for ‘truly low’ and we’ve created something that is precisely that – low in calories and sugar and lower in alcohol. We’ve worked with more than 50 mixologists and 1,500 consumers within the target demographic to develop an instantly-recognisable brand that takes its cues from the world of fashion and cosmetics.

“We’ve also tested the design with experts at Cardiff Metropolitan University who have used cutting-edge research technology, including new immersive eye-tracking and behavioural response analytics, to make sure that Trulo hits the spot right from launch.

“Our Passion Fruit drink has been developed to tap into the cocktail culture of the popular pornstar martini, while our Espresso liqueur is perfect for espresso martinis. We’re hoping to extend the range in the near future and additional flavours are currently being developed and taste tested.”

Hensol Castle Distillery recently converted its newly-opened production lines into making hand sanitiser. The distillery has received World Health Organisation accreditation for its Hensol Castle Hand Rub and production is now underway to make 1.2 million litres a month by operating two shifts, seven days a week. 

The distillery has been created in the cellar of a Grade 1, 400-year old castle in the grounds of the four-star Vale Resort in South Wales, as part of a wider £7 million scheme to bring the castle into use. It will open to the public later this year and it will also include a gin school visitor experience centre and bottling plant.