Super-premium gin distillery Hendrick’s has unveiled an innovative new promotional campaign.

Inspired by the works of writer Edgar Allen Poe, the nineteenth-century doyen of murder and the macabre, The Great Phantasmagorical Excursion is an immersive audio-visual experience.

It claims to stimulate hynogogia in participants, which is a dream-like state usually experienced just prior to sleep. 

The experience is available free of charge at It will launch on November 16. All users need is a pair of headphones and a webcam.

Phantasmagorical Cognitive Drinking Toppers will also be available to use at a range of venues, which have yet to be revealed. The devices promise to monitor the wearer’s brainwaves and cerebral activity using ECG.

Hendrick’s is a super premium gin, infused with cucumber and rose petals and distilled in the Scottish fishing village of Girvan.  

It is available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Peckham’s and Harvey Nichols, among others, and retails at £28.09 for a 70cl bottle.

The Christmas period is vital for spirits manufacturers in what is an increasingly competitive environment.

Some companies report nearly half of annual sales occur in the last quarter of the year.

Dave Hort, senior brand manager, at William Grant & Sons, which owns Hendricks, recently told Harpers: “The fourth quarter specifically accounts for 45% of volume sales across the William Grant & Sons UK portfolio.

“Across the portfolio, sales rise by 9.7% each week from October to December.”