Heineken UK is launching a campaign entitled “Say Yes” to encourage consumers and retailers to explore the thriving alcohol-free beer and cider sector.

The campaign, which launches this month, comprises a series of adverts promoting Heineken UK’s alcohol-free beer and cider range: Heineken 0.0, Birra Moretti Zero and Old Mout Alcohol-Free.

 Adverts will demonstrate the role alcohol-free can play through scenarios in your life such as “Say Yes to a mid-week get together with a Birra Moretti Zero” and “Say Yes to ‘another one’ with an Old-Mout cider Alcohol-Free on a Sunday afternoon”.

The No, Low and Gluten-Free Beer category has grown 22% over the past year and Heineken 0.0 grew 133% over the period.

The producer is also supporting retailers by launching “Zero Zones” in the UK, as a result of success with these internationally. Zero Zones are designed to allow stores to strengthen visibility and showcase the broad range of alcohol-free variants in store to help boost profits, as well as ensuring quick and easy convenience for shoppers.

Toby Lancaster, category and shopper marketing director at Heineken, said: “No and low alcohol is currently booming. The beer category is currently experiencing 24% yearly sales value growth and the cider category at 38% growth, with this level of increase expected to continue.

“As more shoppers introduce alcohol-free beer and cider to their repertoire, the Say Yes campaign by Heineken UK and Twelve will accelerate this trend by inspiring new occasions to enjoy, while combating outdated preconceptions once associated with the category.”