Heineken has launched a new campaign aimed at attracting top talent into its business.

‘Faces of Heineken’ showcases real colleagues from across the business, with the aim of highlighting their diversity, talent and career progression. 

The 32 ‘faces’ have been selected from sites across the UK including Edinburgh, London, Hereford, Manchester and Tadcaster – in job roles ranging from Brand Managers to Accountants, Brewery Operatives to Sales Managers and Engineers to Orcharding Specialists.

Jane Brydon, UK HR Director for Heineken commented on the new campaign:  “As Heineken, we are well known for our great creative campaigns on our beers and ciders. We saw an opportunity to apply this kind of treatment to our recruitment. Many people know Heineken as a global beer brand, and the name above the door, but don’t necessarily know we also have a huge range of beers and ciders including Foster’s and Strongbow, that we own over 1,000 pubs and that we own hundreds of acres of orchards in Herefordshire.

“‘Faces of Heineken’ tells our story through the eyes of our colleagues.  Building on an already successful internal communication campaign, we’ll be using external media, PR and targeted digital advertising to share our story.

“We’ve also looked at how we can streamline our recruitment process and make it far easier for people to access the great opportunities on offer. Of course, this is a long-term plan, but introducing our faces to the outside world is an important start to that journey.”

The ‘Faces of Heineken’ uses bold and impactful advertising to grab attention and encourage potential recruits to find out more. From large city centre poster sites, to adverts in national and regional newspapers – each advert will feature an individual with a positive story to tell about their career. Whilst Heineken’s role as a brewer is generally well known, the campaign will also feature the cider making and pub ownership aspects of the business. 

Heineken will also use its social channels including Twitter and Facebook to highlight new opportunities and the benefits of working with a fast moving, progressive and global business.

Poster sites and advertising have been launched this week and will run during the spring and early summer of 2016.