Heineken has launched a £5m campaign for its New Zealand cider brand, Old Mout.

The cider will have nationwide adverts from April until August, running across digital, mobile and “everything in between”.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director, said: “We have the best ambassador of all ciders – our very own quirky kiwi bird. His inimitable personality brings to life everything Old Mout stands for. That’s to make every day a little more adventurous and to keep our adventurous nature at its inspiring best.”

“We’ve got out little kiwi bird encouraging people to ‘hatch’ a plan for long weekends, or to be ‘berry’ adventurous with our delicious fruit-flavoured cider. Drinkers view Old Mout as the most original and unique cider in the market so with that responsibility, we need a unique marketing campaign. We are confident that our new campaign drives footfall and will therefore add value to our customers’ businesses.”

Old Mout is available in four fruit flavours: Strawberry & Pomegranate, Kiwi & Lime, Passionfruit & Apple and Summer Berries.