London family gin distiller Hayman’s has joined together with Singapore Airlines to celebrate the airline’s 50th anniversary of flying between London and Singapore. The Singapore Airlines ~ Connoisseur Gin has been created by fusing Hayman’s renowned London Dry Gin with the Asian flavours of Kumquat, Lemongrass, Galangal and Persian Lime.

The botanicals, chosen by the Hayman’s Distillery team in London in collaboration with Singapore Airlines, aim to deliver a distinctive and captivating classic gin with pronounced juniper, unmissable lime zest together with a smooth balance of lemongrass and hints of herbal sweetness.

The label has been designed to reflect the iconic gold and blue colours of Singapore Airlines with a gold wax finish.

James Hayman, co-owner of Hayman’s Gin, said: “As the most Internationally recognised Independent London gin, we are thrilled to have collaborated with Singapore Airlines. It has been great fun working on this gin together and fusing the very essence of London and Singapore to create this delightful gin.”

The 41.1% abv Singapore Airlines Connoisseur Gin is priced £35 and it is currently available in Singapore Airlines Heathrow Lounge or online.