Hawkshead Brewery has opened its new brewhouse, trebling its annual production capacity.

The craft brewer will initially produce up to 240 barrels of premium beer each week at its new Flooksburgh site. This will then increase as it gears up to export its Hawkshead Lager and Hawkshead Windemere pale overseas. The brewer also plans to expand its distribution in the UK too.

Nigel Campbell, commercial director of craft beer at Hawkshead Brewery, said: “Hawkshead’s core range has always had a really strong regional following and to be able to further expand its reach throughout the remainder of the UK and overseas is exciting.

“Hawkshead is bringing strong competition to the craft beer category globally, backed by ethical marketing activity and a reputable global infrastructure. We have already appointed a US distributor with other territories quickly following suit and the beauty of our new brewery design is that tank capacity can grow as demand increases.”

The original Staveley Brewery will continue to produce small batch artisan beers, including unique sours, wild fermented beers, double dry-hopped hazy IPAs and imperial stouts.