Hawkes has revealed its latest collaboration with ‘cider legend’ Tom Oliver.

The limited edition All Made Equal, described as a product created when the worlds of urban and country cider collide, is a “truly unique blend of styles”. The cider, which takes influences from the West Country and it is crafted in Hawkes’ London cidery, balances the heavy tannins of Oliver’s traditional apple varieties with Hawkes’ lighter and more acidic dessert styles.

Chief Hawker, Simon Wright, explained that the deeper meaning behind the name represents the perceived unbalance of the UK cider industry, with craft cider makers struggling to move onto the next stage in their commercial development due to “unfair parity of cider duty with industrial cider producers”.

All Made Equal is the latest in Hawkes’ range of collaborations, as it works with leading UK and global craft brewers in a series of special one-off partnerships. Earlier this month it teamed up with its neighbours Anspach and Hopday to create The Sour Graff, a pioneering Dabinett Apple Sour Beer.

Wright said: “As the Saviours of Cider, we remain in our pursuit for both excellence in the face of monolithic cider, and equality with other craft liquids, such as beer. In partnership with Tom Oliver, we find a friend who identifies with our mission to share knowledge and best practice in the greater interests of elevating cider to the highest possible platform.”

All Made Equal is made from Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Braeburn, Gala and Bramley apples, using Wild and Delta yeast. The 6.3% abv drink is packaged in 33cl cans, priced at £34 for a case of 24.