Hattingley Valley Wines is ready to welcome applications to take on its second winemaking apprentice, following the successful completion of the scheme by its first candidate; meanwhile the company is also celebrating a major US listing for its wine.

The wine producer has announced the second opportunity for someone to join the English wine industry via the scheme, in partnership with the Vintners’ Company, Enotria & Coe, and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

Hattingley said the UK’s first Winemaking Apprentice has successfully completed her two-year apprenticeship and is now a full-time member of the winemaking team.

The successful applicant for the second apprenticeship will be sent on courses in vine growing and winemaking at Plumpton College, and to the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Enotria & Coe (Hattingley’s UK agent) will fund WSET up to Level 2, with the WSET itself sponsoring Level 3.

In addition, the successful candidate will be trained on the job by working alongside Hattingley’s winemaking team.

The apprentice will earn the UK living wage as a full-time employee for the length of the apprenticeship, which could extend to two years, and the Vintners’ Company will sponsor training costs during this time.

Once completed the apprentice should be “very employable” in any winery around the world or within England and Wales, according to the organisers.

Meanwhile, Hattingley Valley’s Classic Reserve sparkling white wine has been chosen by Whole Foods Market as one of only nine sparkling wines selected as part of its ‘Holiday Wine Programme’. The wine will be available in all participating stores across the US until January 1st, marking Hattingley as one of the first UK producers to secure a widespread listing across the US.

Gareth Maxwell, commercial director at Hattingley, said: “We are very proud that we have been so well received in the US market, especially with the country now accounting for 13% of the overall sales. The team has worked hard to raise brand awareness and fly the flag for the English wine category in the States and we see this new relationship with Whole Foods Market as a milestone achievement.”

Devon Broglie, master sommelier and global beverage buyer for Whole Foods Market, said: “We were truly impressed by the quality of Hattingley’s wines and we can see the UK emerging as a premium wine region around the world. We look forward to seeing this wine getting out onto our customer’s tables this holiday season and beyond.”

Hattingley has also recently secured listings with Australia’s fine wine specialist, Vintage Cellars, which has 70 stores across the country, and 100 Jacques Wine stores in Germany.