The founder of Devon-based Hattiers rum has announced price increases for two products, which will come into force with tomorrow’s alcohol duty reform.

Philip Everett-Lyons said Egremont Premium Reserve Rum would increase by £2, to £44, while Eminence Blended Aged White Rum would go up £1.50 to £39.  The producer’s Resolute Blended Aged Navy Strength will retain the price of £56.

“We are sorry that we have had no choice but to increase the price of two of our rums at a time when we are all feeling the effects of everything becoming more expensive,” Everett-Lyons said. “We thank you for your valued business and continued support.”

Everett-Lyons said the company had been able to absorb several costs over the past two years, including supply chain costs such as raw materials, glass and transportation.

“We are investing heavily into R&D to not only reduce the cost of our glass but also reduce the weight of our bottle by 30% to better its carbon footprint, as well as other initiatives to reduce our product’s impact across the on and off trades,” he added.