Harveys has relaunched its iconic blue The Bristol Cream bottle with a “cool makeover”.

The new bottle features a thermochromic ink logo, which changes colour as it hits the perfect serving temperature. When the sherry is cold and ready to be poured, the Harveys logo on the label will turn blue.

The revamped bottle is designed to encourage consumers to chill the sherry in the fridge and to serve it over ice with a slice of orange, in the same way that it is drunk in its ho

Alongside this activity Harveys has invested more than £250,000 in an off-trade promotion including sampling activity.

Jen McCormick, head of sherry brands at Whyte & Mackay, said: “By refreshing the Harveys ‘The Bristol Cream’ bottle and label with a new thermochromic ink feature, it not only modernizes the design, but provides a clear call to action for the consumer to rethink Harveys sherry. And as the number one sherry brand in the UK, we are dedicated to finding new ways to innovate in the category.

“The liquid itself is the same classic blend of delicate finos, aged amontillados fragrant olorosos, and wine from the special Pedro Ximenez grape. It still has its place in the classic trifle recipe, but we want to encourage our consumers to drink Harveys as it is enjoyed in Spain and make space for the new, cooler serve in their fridge.”

Harveys The Bristol cream was originally launched in 1882 and it is a blend of fine wines from Spain’s acclaimed sherry region, Jerez.