Hammonds of Knutsford has launched a Japanese rice beer into the UK market.

The beer, Echigo Koshihikari, is made using the highlighly prized Koshihikari super-premium rice, which provides a mild sweetness and soft texture to this light beer.

The 50cl bottle shows Japanese-style artwork, depicting workers picking the rice in the paddy fields.

The beer is 5% abv and it comes in a glass bottle. The aged lager is made using barley, malt, Koshihikari rice and hops.

Jonathan Hammond of Hammonds, said: “Japanese drinks are growing in popularity in the UK and we have arguably the best product within the Rice Lager category. Echigo Koshihikari is micro-brewed using clear rice water, which means it is the perfect beer to complement a meal as it won’t fill you up. Try it with sushi!”

The brand was created in 1994 and the company started out as a brewpub in the Niigata region of Japan.