Wine importer Hallgarten & Novum Wines has recorded a marked increase in sustainability measures among its producers in the 2024 edition of its Hallgarten Eco Standard.

Hallgarten said that 18% more partner producers achieved the standard’s gold status this year than in the first edition in 2023, bringing the total to 46.

Overall, 23% of its producers moved up the rankings – which also include silver, gold and developing levels –  this year, with 72% retaining the same status as last year.

To achieve gold status, suppliers need to score a minimum of 85 in a 100-point questionnaire covering 41 criteria across the environment, energy management, water and waste management, and social responsibility.

Chile’s Viña Undurraga and Rueda’s Javier Sanz were the top producers across Hallgarten’s producer base, achieving top scores in three of the four categories.

The most notable advances across the board in the past year were in water and waste management, with 14 additional suppliers achieving a maximum score, a 61% increase on 2023.

Hallgarten portfolio director Jim Wilson said: “Sustainability is, and will continue to be, a fundamental factor in all stages of wine production.

“We are passionate about reducing the impact we have on the environment and have developed the Hallgarten Eco Standard to hold ourselves, and our partner producers, accountable. 

“This year, it has been reassuring to see that many of our partner producers have taken a step in the right direction, with the number of overall scores increasing year on year. However, the work does not stop here.”

This year’s report has a particular focus on equity, diversity an inclusivity as part of the social responsibility element, Hallgarten said.