Coterie-owned wine importer Hallgarten & Novum Wines has launched an e-learning platform to support its in-venue Wine Sure training programme.

The platform, which shares the Wine Sure name, was created to give users flexibility in how and where they learn, the company said.

“Whilst traditional classroom-based teaching remains a core part of Hallgarten’s provision, the e-learning platform allows training to be carried out on the go and is accessible on all devices,” the company said in a statement. “This enables wine training to be a priority for new team members, being readily available for everyone in the business.”

The course is made up of learning modules and quizzes, interspersed with facts, and a final test.

Marketing director, Colin Cameron said: “Our experienced training team is passionate about giving people wine confidence, helping them to give the end consumer the best possible experience and, of course, making learning about wine fun and rewarding.”

Hallgarten, which is also a Wine & Spirit Education Trust programme provider, said its training team educated around 1,700 people in 2023, with the potential to train 3,000 over the next year.