Halewood Wines and Spirits has reported strong growth throughout 2019 driven by a number of its core brands, including Whitley Neil Gin, Crabbie’s Whisky and Dead Man’s Fingers Rum.

Brands such as JJ Whitley Gin, Peaky Blinder Spirits and The Pogues Irish Whiskey also contributed to growth, which resulted in group revenues up by 26% and pre-tax profits of £26.3 million, up 15% on the previous year.

The company said it remains focused on premium artisanal craft spirits with strong provenance and brand marketing both in the UK and internationally. Last year the company made further investments in brands, distilling, brewing and bottling and it also increased its international focus.

In 2019 the shareholders and senior managers made the decision not to sell the business because it was “not in the best interests of the group due to the significant growth opportunities in artisanal spirits”.

Stewart Hainsworth, group chief executive, said: “Halewood has delivered an excellent year of growth and with Whitley Neil Gin as the number one premium gin in the UK. The strategy of offering artisanal spirits across all channels, regions and consumer price points has transformed the business. We have taken the initial steps to drive the next stage of our growth by investing in dark spirits and international sales infrastructure.”

Halewood operates a number of craft breweries and distilleries across the UK including: Hawkshead Brewery in Cumbria, Sadler’s Ales in the Black Country, Aber Falls Distillery in North Wales, City of London Distillery and the new Liverpool Gin Distillery. It is also investing in a craft distillery in Edinburgh for Crabbie’s Whisky.

The business was founded by the late John Halewood in 1978 and it remains owned and controlled by the Halewood family.