Halewood Artisanal Spirits has sold its alcohol-free wine brand Eisberg as part of its strategy to focus on the premium spirits sector.

The alcohol-free wine brand has been acquired by the producers of wine-based drinks Schloss Wachenheim AG (SWA).

The two businesses have been production partners since 2006, with SWA playing an integral part in the continued success of the Eisberg brand.

During recent years under the guidance of Chief executive Stewart Hainsworth, Halewood has repositioned as a premium spirits brand owner boasting Whitley Neill gin, JJ Whitley vodka, Dead Man’s Fingers rum and Crabbie Whisky within its portfolio. A recent name change and re-structure supports the continued focus on its spirit portfolio which now contributes to three quarters of the total group profit.

Andrew Turner, Wine Director, Halewood Artisanal Spirits, said: “The success of the Eisberg brand has so far been assured by the close collaboration of brand owner and producer. Over the last five years we have worked together on NPD, product, brand redesign and marketing initiatives to successfully reposition Eisberg as a lifestyle brand.

“We have invested in building awareness through category management initiatives and brand building campaigns, including a hugely successful link to cycling with both The Tour of Britain and The Tour of Yorkshire.

“Now that we continue to ramp up our focus on growing our range of artisanal spirits, the sale of the brand is the natural next step – helping to deliver our business strategy whilst also opening up an exciting new chapter for the brand under the ownership of Schloss Wachenheim. Having worked so closely together over the last five years, we’re confident they are perfectly placed, both in terms of expertise and passion, to successfully and seamlessly, continue the brand’s journey”.

Oliver Gloden, chairman of the Board for Schloss Wachenheim, said: “The acquisition of Eisberg has been an ambition for some time and would be a valuable addition to our existing brand portfolio from a geographical and product range point of view. It will deliver an excellent basis for setting up our own business in the UK.

“We already have intimate knowledge of the product, procurement and production process as well as insight into UK specific brand initiatives. However, we have already proactively invested in strengthening our team by appointing Dan Harwood, former Brand Manager for Eisberg at Halewood as Key Account Manager. In addition Andrew Turner, Wine Director and other key member of the Halewood team will assist in the seamless transition over the coming months”.

Despite the influx of new brands and products, Eisberg has maintained its number one brand status and continues to deliver year on year growth. The new venture will help to further establish the brand’s credentials in the UK as well across Europe and new markets. The exploration of new product developments and brand extensions will be a key part of the brand’s development.

The range currently consists of still and sparkling 0% alcohol wines; Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rose, Sparkling Blanc and Sparkling Rosé.