Online retailer Naked Wines has partnered with Norwich-based distillery Gyre & Gimble to launch a paper bottle for its Coastal Gin, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

According to Naked Wines, the packaging is made out of 94% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. It is “five times lighter” than Gyre & Gimble’s glass gin bottles, and the company said it has a carbon footprint that “six time smaller than a traditional glass bottle”. 

The launch comes after Naked Wines announced that it plans to make 20% of its wine bottles “lighter in weight”. This will be done by reducing the weight of 3.5 million new wine bottles and ensuring that an additional 2.5 million bottles remain at their current weight.

Matt Smith, buying director at Naked Wines,said: “Gyre & Gimble is our local distillery and we share a sustainable ethos. I was blown away by the quality and style of the gin and knew we had a chance to do something really special together.”

The pair join an increasing number of producers turning to paper bottles, including wine company When in Rome.