Guinness has launched two new beers, which are available to the off-trade now in bottle and can formats.

The 5% abv Open Gate Citra IPA and 4.5% abv Open Gate Pilsner were created at the Open Gate Brewery at St James’ Gate, Dublin. The two new beers were inspired by craft and are expected to source volume from mainstream beer, according to brand owner Diageo.

Lead brewer, Peter Simpson, said: “As brewers, our goal is to introduce people to the more flavoursome possibilities of beer.

“It is no secret that many people are moving away from mainstream beers and seeking more flavoursome options – however this process can be daunting and that’s where our new Open Gate Brewery Citra IPA and Pilsner come in. Consumers won’t have to worry about quality or value issues because they know what they are drinking has been release under the reliable and recognised Guinness brand.”

The OGB Citra IPA and Pilsner follow the success of recent launches from the brewery including Hop House 13, which has sold more than 50 million pints since its launch in 2014, according to the producer, and Guinness West Indies Porter, which delivered £4.3 million to off-trade customers in 2017.

Katie Hunter, innovation manager at Guinness, said: Our two new highly-crafted beers sit in the white space between mainstream and craft beers –enabling craft curious consumers to trade up from mainstream beer with the assurances of the Guinness brand. These two new beers are set to inspire consumers to broaden their beer repertoires in an accessible way, and ultimately drive incremental sales in the category.”

Both products are available to the off-trade. OGB Citra IPA will have an rrp of £1.85 for a 33cl bottle or £6 for a four-pack of 33cl cans; OGB Pilsner will be priced £1.85 for a 65cl bottle or £5 for a four-pack of 33cl bottles, and £12 for a 12-pack of 33cl bottles.