Greenwood Distillers has revealed its first release: a Scottish gin called Theodore.

The first edition of Theodore Gin has been created with guidance from olfactory expert and perfume designer, Barnabe Fillion.

The gin is made using 16 botanicals including pine, Damask rose, pomelo and bourbon vetiver, which have been distilled in a multi-stage process using an old charentais still alongside a rotovap to extract the best flavours and aromas from each.

The gin is the first spirit produced at the new Ardross Distillery, although a limited-edition batch was released earlier this year. It will be priced at £39 for a 70cl bottle.

The brand name has been inspired by the spirit of the Picts, an ancient tribe that once settled near the brand’s home in Ardoss, Northern Highlands. The tribe is alleged to have travelled from as far as Scythia and Scandinavia to settle in the Scottish Highlands during the late Iron Age and early medieval periods. Theodore de Bry was a 16th century engraver who brought the Picts to life through his art.

Founder Barthelemy Brosseau said: “We have collaborated with an eclectic team of individuals who are pushing boundaries in their respective fields to create something special. Theodore pays tribute to the Picts with a bold and characterful gin that embodies the Pictish spirit. It is for anyone who is looking to whet a curious appetite.”

Greenwood Distillers was founded in 2018 by Barthlemy Brousseau and presided by “legendary chief blender” Andrew Rankin. It will operate its Scotch whisky distillery later on this year and its portfolio already has a diverse range of global spirits including gin, mezcal, Armagnac and whisky. It has plans to “build bridges from Scotland to Kentucky (boubon) and Japan (Japanese whisky).