Greenall’s has introduced two new RTD gin & tonics to tap into growth in the pre-mixed canned drink sector, and well as the growing popularity of flavoured gin.

The range now comprises a 25cl-canned version of its recently-launched Greenall’s Blueberry Gin & Tonic and also its Wild Berry Gin & Tonic, which has been reformulated to give a more vibrant raspberry and blackberry flavour.

The bold and colourful packaging is designed to offer high shelf standout among its key target millennial audience. This consumer group is more likely to be looking for convenience options, and it is also the group buying into the flavoured gin sector.

Recent data shows flavoured gin has a younger demographic than standard gin, with 55% of consumers aged under 35 (Kantar, year to May 2019).

The new Greenall’s cans are available now in the UK, and they have also been launched in South Africa and the Netherlands. The cans are priced at £1.99 rrp, and they are also available in four-pack formats.

Rob Curteis, Global Marketing Director for Gins at brand owner, Quintessential Brands, said: “These new-look cans provide stunning stand out on shelf while the bright colours reflect the vibrant taste of our flavoured gin & tonics. Research shows that colour has an increasing influence on purchasing decisions so we’ve purposely given these cans, which are likely to be more of an impulse buy, a colour makeover which is sure to wow consumers.

“All we need now is for the summer weather to make an appearance and these will be flying off the shelves.”