Great Wines Estates will now represent Voyager Estate across the UK, where it will focus on independent wine shops and the premium on-trade sectors for the wines, which are produced in Australia’s Margaret River region.

Great Wines Estates (GWE) is a new company, founded by wine trade stalwarts Lynne and David Levin MBE, who aim to create a unique sales channel for independent ‘great wine producers’ from around the world. The duo said they plan to collaborate with wineries that are “iconic, award-winning, regionally authentic, organic and sustainable, handcrafted and family-owned”.

Lynne Levin, ceo of GWE, said: “Voyager Estate is truly one of those amazing wineries that really ticks all the boxes, from quality, sustainable wines to passionate individuals with a long-term view. We collaborate with our wineries to provide local, vineyard-to-table access to wine producers or provenance and character, with an emphasis on customer service. We want to ensure our customers come first and their needs are met.”

Alex Burt, ceo of Voyager Estate, added: “We have been in the UK since 1995 and have weathered the challenges that the market has been subject to. This collaboration and the prospect of working with Lynne and David in this market where our Estate is so well-known and understood, is extremely exciting and one that we will embrace wholeheartedly.”