Grant’s Whisky has teamed up with Vice to create “an inspiring and engaging” guide for groups of friends that helps them tackle real life problems with advice, tips and hard-hitting stories from informed, yet relatable, experts.

The ‘How-to…’ content series offers an unconventional and original view on how to be a better crew member, enabling friends to share knowledge and advice, to help them go further together.

The topics covered include: ‘How to get through a break-up’, ‘How to switch off’, ‘How to open up’ and even ‘How to dress better’.  Those offering advice are not your conventional academics, psychologists, or scientists, according to brand owner William Grant. They are “extraordinary everyday people from almost every corner of the world equipped to answer these real-life challenges”. Each expert has overcome these problems either as part of their job or lives and has plenty of tips, tricks and tools to share that they learnt along the way.

They include:

  • A human statue who holds the world record for standing motionless (20 hours) offering advice on how to switch off
  • A barber who, like all hairdressers, is an expert in chatting to customers helping people to open up
  • A survivalist who trains people in how to cope in a state of crisis and isolation on how to get through a break-up
  • A talented rapper who has a unique philosophy and vision when it comes to her personal dress sense on helping people to find their style
  • A psychologist who gave up all his possessions to run a Buffalo Farm helping people to find their calling
  • A music editor from a national newspaper with hearing difficulties on how to appreciate music
  • An internationally renowned rock climber and owner of a popular glamping site in Colombia on how to be yourself
  • A comedian that tests his sets on the streets of Johannesburg on winning people over

Chris Wooff –Global Associate Brand Director, Grant’s, said: “Most guides are really serious and written by experts with loads of knowledge but not necessarily a lot of experience.

“They are brilliant, but we wanted to offer something a little different. A more contemporary look on how crews can help each other improve – and one that is certainly more entertaining.”

Mike Walsh, Integrated Marketing Director at Vice said: “We’re excited to bring this partnership to life with Grant’s and Uncommon, and help our audience in all corners of the globe to tackle life’s problems with an unconventional, uniquely Vice approach. The opportunity to tap into our wide-ranging network of storytellers has produced a series addressing universal themes while rooted in local culture.”

The ‘How to Crew’ series from Grant’s, in partnership with Vice, will launch globally throughout the Summer of 2021.