Gospel Green is to launch its latest vintage, Brut Vintage 2016, after a two-year absence from the market.

The double-fermented cyder, produced using the Champagne Method, is the first to be produced by the company under its new owner, Brock Bergius, and the first to be produced in its new home on the Blackmoor Estate in Hampshire.

The cyder was first produced by James Lane in 1990, but Lane and his wife Cathy retired from the business in 2016.

Bergius said: “Gospel Green Brut Vintage 2016 has elegant notes of elderflower blossom, with hints of lovely crisp apples. There is a slight earthiness to the palate, which together with the persistent mousse creates a smooth and rounded mouthfeel. The soft, yet fresh, acidity leads to a lingering finish befitting of a traditionally fermented Cyder.

“We are committed and passionate about delivering the same quality Cyder that customers of Gospel Green and James Lane have come to expect over the years. I owe it to James, Cathy and to Gospel Green’s many fans and supporters to ensure that the love and passion which goes into making Gospel Green is never compromised. We have lots of exciting plans for 2018, which we look forward to sharing later in the year.”

Lane added: “Cathy and I are delighted that our Cyder lives on and our customers who have bought it over the last few decades will now be able to enjoy Gospel Green for years to come. Brock has brought a new energy to the business that I am certain will reap the rewards for the trade as well as our many loyal customers. Although we have stepped back from the business, we will keep an ever-watchful eye over Brock and his team as they take our Cyder into the next stage.”

The 2014 vintage was the last one produced by James and Cathy Lane and so there was no 2015 Vintage, but Gospel Green Brut Vintage 2016 will be available from this month.

Production of this vintage began in December 2016 and is a blend of five varieties of dessert apples form the Blackmoor Estate orchards. These varieties do not have the tannins of traditional cider apples and possess a balance of sugar and acidity, which gives a rounded flavour and constant mousse, according to the producer.