Gosnells, London’s only meadery, is launching Gosnells Low Alc, which it describes as an “exotic 0.5% abv gluten-free sparkling mead”.

The newcomer will join its four canned siblings, which are all 4% abv and were released by Gosnells in October.

Tom Gosnell, who started the meadery in Peckham in 2014, said: “Launching our four cans has sky-rocketed us into new territory and led to export orders way in excess of anything we dreamt possible. The quartet of Sour, Hopped, pink Hibiscus and Citra Sea in brightly-coloured 33cl 4% abv cans has completely separated us from the old perception of high alcohol meads in 75cl bottles, great as some of them can be.

“The cans are part of our attempt to revolutionise the word ‘mead’ and to demonstrate the amazing range of flavours which bees of all nationalities, regions and postcodes can create. This is something we have been exploring with a series of limited releases, which demonstrate how Saffron Walden honeys are different from Biggin Hill, Finchley, or Hackney Marshes.

“Gosnells Low Alc, in its electric silver-blue can, will shake us up and reach out to those wanting big, exotically-delicious flavours, but in a low alcohol 0.5% drink.”

Gosnells Low Alc is made from European honeys and contains 60 calories per 33cl can, which is priced at £2.49. The new cans will be available from January 1.

In the USA mead has grown in popularity over the last few years. Only 30 commercial meaderies existed in 2003 but there are more than 500 estimated to be active now. Around 67% of meaderies in the USA are under five years old.